5 Adjustments on Returning from Hawaii

I just spent 10 amazing days in Kauai. No, really. A-MAZ-ING. Been back for a little over 24 hours now and am finding I need to make a few adjustments. Here’s what has most caught my notice since returning:

  • People – Dear god there’s a lot of people in Boston…and cars…and tall buildings. And a definite lack of palm trees and chickens.
  • Morning symphony – Speaking of chickens…no crowing mixed in with the morning songbird chorus, which is nice. Unfortunately they’ve been replaced by the sounds of traffic.
  • Where’d the pretty go? – Boston has some nice views. And the light at dawn/dusk is gorgeous. But my friends coined the phrase “stupid pretty” for the vistas we were seeing…no really, that whole island is so gorgeous it’s ridiculous. I may campaign for them changing their license plate slogan. I mean, between the choice of “Hawaii: The Aloha State” and “Hawaii: Stupid Pretty,” which would you want on your car?
  • License plates – Oh right, there are license plates from states other than Hawaii.
  • Food – No more fish tacos everywhere I turn…no chance I’ll be continuing my daily quota. And I’m faced with the reality that the farmers market selection will take a definite downturn, especially in the fruit offerings.

And one thing I’m quite happy to adjust to:

  • My bed – Not that the bed in Hawaii was uncomfortable, it just wasn’t MY bed. And while it was a fantabulous vacation…it’s good to be home.

2 thoughts on “5 Adjustments on Returning from Hawaii

  1. I miss it too. I can’t deny that I’ve looked at a couple sites in regards to the feasibility of moving there. Not any time soon or anything, but a thought in the corner of my brain tagged “Maybe someday.”

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