Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

I decided that a patriotic way to acknowledge yesterday’s holiday was to watch our 16th president slay some blood-sucking fiends from beyond the grave….cause why not? Admittedly, part of my impetus may have been a friend lamenting the movie as “blasphemy!” but really I was just in the mood for a popcorn-fun adventure flick and, well, have already paid to see The Avengers twice.

WARNING: next paragraph contains one (small-ish) spoiler of something you would be able to guess if you’ve ever seen any movie ever, but I’m being as nice as possible to the spoiler-phobic so if that’s you, skip to the paragraph after the all-clear. 

While, not blasphemous (really? blasphemy?) there were a few minor irritants that didn’t make it the gang-busters rollercoaster ride of cinematic fun that had me seeing The Avengers more than once. There’s this whole horse scene that’s about 5 minutes of Legolas mounting the horse (which is the thorn in my side with the Lord of the Rings movies because it’s in the uncanny valley of fakery and throws me out of being totally absorbed in the movie every. single. time.) i.e. an extended scene of me just being exasperated with the film makers for being so dependent on CGI and yet still not getting it right. And while that falls into “personal pet peeve” territory, and the repetitive love letters homages to Neo’s coat from Matrix are somewhat distracting, there’s also some plot holes. For instance, Abraham using a mirror to identify a vampire behind him, while failing to notice the lack of reflection NEXT to him. All adding up to me not being completely absorbed in the movie.

SPOILER ALL-CLEAR from here on….

So yes, the movie has its flaws. But you know what else it has? Some solid world-building.

I’ll admit, I haven’t read the book the movie is based on, but I HAVE read the Seth Grahame-Smith’s previous foray into mash-up fiction, Pride, Prejudice and Zombies. And I find that I liked this as much as I liked that book…for much the same reason: the internal logic of the story holds true. Grahame-Smith is able to take a world, whether one created by Austen or one rooted in our own history, and manipulate it so that it makes sense for there to be undead creatures there. He’s able to take the events as they were originally laid out and twist them just enough that the supernatural seems…well…natural in that world.

So while I won’t be adding this to my “Must own!” list, I’m glad I went and saw it on the big screen. It makes for a fun ride…and an all new way to “celebrate our Independence Day!”

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