Made. Of. Win.

So this is very much a “it’s all about me” post, but I need SOME sort of record of how much today rocked.

  • [insert general “I *still* love my job” info here]
  • I discovered “The Traveling Red Dress,” which is such an amazing project in pride and self-love that I’m 100% going to be taking part and you’ll be sure to hear more about it later.
  • We had a studio photographer in the office taking staid portraits of everybody and then some “prop” shots. My props of choice were my GEEK bookends and my book-worm plate, i.e. so much truth in advertising that I don’t know where to start. And the geek love of the fact that I not only was allowed, but encouraged to wave that geek flag professionally is just so much bliss…
  • I ordered some new glasses (which, if you’re not a regular glasses wearer. probably means little to you, but think about the fact that this is the ONE item that I wear every. single. day. and realize how crucial a decision it can be) that I absolutely love.
  • Ukulele class was all kinds of fun with new techniques, new songs, and further solidification that “Yes, I love (and can play!) this instrument.”
  • My brother informed me that I was vicariously referenced in a Nerdist podcast (1:00:25…when Jonah talks about desecrating some Dave Matthews material…those were my old CDs, which I sent to my brother for just this purpose).

And so many things that just can’t be described, which, all together equal such a nerd-eriffic, geek-love festival that I am filled to the brim with glee and happiness and love and joy. So yes, Happy Valentines to you all!