Made. Of. Win.

So this is very much a “it’s all about me” post, but I need SOME sort of record of how much today rocked.

  • [insert general “I *still* love my job” info here]
  • I discovered “The Traveling Red Dress,” which is such an amazing project in pride and self-love that I’m 100% going to be taking part and you’ll be sure to hear more about it later.
  • We had a studio photographer in the office taking staid portraits of everybody and then some “prop” shots. My props of choice were my GEEK bookends and my book-worm plate, i.e. so much truth in advertising that I don’t know where to start. And the geek love of the fact that I not only was allowed, but encouraged to wave that geek flag professionally is just so much bliss…
  • I ordered some new glasses (which, if you’re not a regular glasses wearer. probably means little to you, but think about the fact that this is the ONE item that I wear every. single. day. and realize how crucial a decision it can be) that I absolutely love.
  • Ukulele class was all kinds of fun with new techniques, new songs, and further solidification that “Yes, I love (and can play!) this instrument.”
  • My brother informed me that I was vicariously referenced in a Nerdist podcast (1:00:25…when Jonah talks about desecrating some Dave Matthews material…those were my old CDs, which I sent to my brother for just this purpose).

And so many things that just can’t be described, which, all together equal such a nerd-eriffic, geek-love festival that I am filled to the brim with glee and happiness and love and joy. So yes, Happy Valentines to you all!

Staying Power

Ukulele - Creative Commons via initial announcement to start, “I Aten’t Dead.” And while that should be obvious given this post, the fact that I need to acknowledge my nearly month-long absence is appropriate to the post given its topic: determination, will power, or that word-filled non-word…sticktoitiveness.

And if I aten’t dead, I also aten’t got much.

But I’m trying to change that. The blog is one area (which, since NaBloPoMo is seeing mixed results), another is the ukulele. Yep, as mentioned, I am learning how to play the ukulele.

There are myriad reasons why I decided on the ukulele. Things like wanting to have something to share at the impromptu jam sessions of my more musically talented friends, a new-found appreciation of Amanda Palmer and others who have tapped into the uke, but mostly it was the desire for a new skill. I recognize in myself a tendency to find my happy place and coast. This was a chance to push my horizons a tad.

And I’ve stuck to it…enough so that, last night, I bought my own ukulele. I realized that even though the classes end in three weeks, there’s enough online support (Hello Ukulele Underground!) and I’m having enough fun that it’s actually easy to get myself to stick to practicing most nights a week.

Now if only the same could be said for this blog.